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Tahira shares why she loves working on our dementia floor and what skills are helpful to have when considering a career in care.

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Tahira has been part of our Cherry Wood Grange team ever since we opened in 2017. Five years on, she still loves her job and shares her story here:

“When I was in my twenties, my dad was diagnosed with dementia and we cared for him at home. He’s the reason I went into care because I wanted to give something back. I’ve always been very caring and from a young age, brought injured pets home and offered to help elderly people in the street who needed assistance.

Before I joined, I was working in care through an agency, but I really wanted to be settled in a home. Then Cherry Wood Grange opened up right on my doorstep in Chelmsford and it was perfect! None of the other homes I’d worked at were as nice as this with the beautiful facilities and outside space.

I’ve been a Care Assistant for the past five years, it’s what I prefer; to be active on the floor with the residents. That’s what appealed to me about working in a home, assisting the residents with their breakfast, their personal care, the activities, or just sitting and chatting with them, and doing their nails! I’m literally happy every day, I love my job!

I’m really close to the residents and their families. I even accompanied one of our residents to her daughter’s wedding this summer. She was so delighted she could attend and it was such a memorable and heartwarming day!

Before joining Cherry Wood Grange, I’d already done a few dementia courses, but the training here was really eye-opening for me. They created a simulation where you get to experience what it feels like for people living with dementia; it really helped to understand why residents react to certain situations and how to communicate effectively.

To anyone thinking about joining the Cherry Wood Grange team, I’d say I’m always on the go, but it’s so rewarding. You get a lot of training; new joiners shadow me and I show them the ropes and make them feel comfortable. We also have an amazing manager; if you’ve got any problems, our management team is here to support you.

I like that my manager values my hard work, and I always feel proud when the families appreciate what I do. I like our residents to look and feel smart, so make sure their clothes are neat and tidy, I just want to see them happy and settled. Whenever I can make a resident smile it’s the highlight of my day!”

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