Letters Of Thanks

J P, March 23, 2018

My father-in-law was diagnosed with dementia some years ago and when he lost his beloved wife, his world started to crumble. He lived a long way from family and although he had wonderful support from neighbours, he was confused, lonely, frustrated and sad. He gradually deteriorated and stopped eating properly, his personal care was poor and he became extremely vulnerable.

However, when we arrived at Cherry Wood the welcome could not have been warmer! Every member of the team was delightful and this has been true thereafter – they are kind, thoughtful and caring and the entertainments team are energetic and inventive. The food is delicious and the décor and atmosphere is literally home from home.

My father-in-law settled immediately, made lots of new friends and now his days are happily spent in the company of others, with great food, wonderful care and fun things to do. He is a changed person; the lonely, sad and vulnerable man has become a happy, outgoing, social gentleman. It is truly a joy to see.

Roy, March 2, 2018

I did not want to leave my bungalow in Kent even though I was finding the going rather rough. My dear wife having passed away two years ago and the shakes getting so bad that sometimes I could not even make a cup of tea in the mornings and my legs getting worse. I, at last, listened to the reason of my niece and her husband who lived in Chelmsford and had the trouble of the Dartford crossing and the M25 to contend with to visit. With no children of my own, my niece was my nearest relative and a real gold mine for assistance.

She spotted Cherry Wood being built and finally talked me into letting go and trying it. She came in and booked a room and took photographs of it to show me. I was transported one Sunday to view. Liked it and moved in on the 20th January. The best thing I have ever done for myself. The place is perfect.

Good food, good carers and within a week I was at home. The best thing I have ever done and the best place to come to. I am a fan of Cherry Wood.

Lesley, January 12, 2018

It was daunting to select a brand new care home for my father, but the manager allayed any concerns when we visited before it was open. First impressions were that it was a hotel rather than a care home. The décor and furnishings were homely and of a high standard. It did not have the feel of being an institution, which was a fear of my father.

All the team are friendly and show an interest in him as person. They do not rush away. He says “they are marvellous” and “can’t do enough for you – no matter what it is”. He speaks to about 20 different people each day, which is good for him and he also enjoys participating in the well-organised activities such as quizzes, news and views, playing cards and board games, seated exercises and painting “ladybird stones” for the garden.

He says that food is excellent and plentiful and I have to agree as I joined him and other residents for a lovely Christmas Dinner.
Importantly he says he feels safe.

We have hit the jackpot with Cherry Wood.

Our home manager, Rebekah Allan is here to help you and your family.
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