Local Area around Cherry Wood Grange Care Home

There are many reasons why you may consider making Cherry Wood Grange your chosen care home, and the local area surrounding your chosen care home is sure to play a key part in this important decision. Here we have included helpful information about Chelmsford, the local area, and the towns and villages that surround Cherry Wood Grange to showcase the wealth of local attractions and things to do in this area.

Cherry Wood Grange is located in Chelmsford, Essex, and welcomes residents from many other surrounding areas including:


Chelmsford is a historical city that offers a wide range of activities from theatre, to shopping to fine dining. For history buffs, the Chelmsford Museum explores the story of the first settlers in the area, through the Roman period and to more recent social and industrial history. For those looking for more information on the military aspects of the town, Essex Regiment Museum is a mine of information on the garrisons that have been stationed in the town.

The city has beautiful outdoor areas, offering walks for every ability. If this doesn’t leave you weary there are plenty of shopping outlets allowing a little retail therapy and the variety of eateries offer almost every kind of cuisine.

Less than a ten minute drive from the city centre, Cherry wood Grange is ideal for those still wishing to be close to the city bustle. If a local train station is important, then Chelmsford supplies this, and the route to Cherry Wood Grange, either by car or public transport, remains quick and simple.


Though renowned as the home of the popular TV series, The Only Way is Essex, Brentwood has much more to offer than shopping opportunities. The name of Brentwood comes from ‘Burnt Wood’ and the town still retains much of its natural spaces, in fact, the country parks of the area are renowned. The town is also rife with history of every era. Ingatestone Hall offers insight into the Tudor and Elizabethan eras, as the family hosted Elizabeth 1 on multiple occasions. The Cold War era is also represented by the Secret Nuclear Bunker in Kelvedon Hatch.

For a more modern pastime, Brentwood offers a range of shopping and restaurants that are of the calibre you would expect given its proximity to the capital, offering a day out to suit every need.

Less than 20 minutes from Cherry Wood Grange, Brentwood is an ideal day out and is easily accessible by the A12. Once on the A12 simply follow the road and the A414 to Westway in Chelmsford. At this point you follow the A1016 to Writtle Rd.


Billericay is a beautiful historical town with wonderful examples of different architectures. However, when it comes to activities, the best things in Billericay are its outdoor activities. The Imperial Bird of Prey Academy is popular with guests of all ages while Barleylands Farm and Craft Village is great fun for a day out. For a more relaxed pace, the Burstead Golf Club and Stock Brook Country Club both offer wonderful facilities.

With significance placed on locally grown produce, there are many fantastic places to eat and a strong concentration on craft and microbreweries that inspires much of the food. Whether you are after pub fare or fine dining, Billericay has a lot to offer, especially if you are visiting those receiving our specialist Dementia care.

Billericay is a mere 20 minutes from Cherry Wood Grange thanks to good transport links. To get to Cherry Wood Grange, head south out of Billericay towards Western road and then join the B1007 until you reach Writtle Rd.


The large village of Hockley is situated between Southend-on-Sea and Chelmsford. It is notable for the St Peters and Paul church, whose earliest structure predates the 12th century and whose tower holds three bells. Another point of interest in Hockley is the Victorian Pump Room which was built after Robert Clay discovered a medicinal spring in 1838.

Though Hockley is a little further afield, it still takes less than half an hour to reach Cherry Wood Grange. By taking the B1013 to the A130, you can quickly reach Westway, and take the A1016 into Chelmsford. From there you follow Westway to Writtle Rd.


Witham is placed between Chelmsford and Colchester and has the River Brain running through the centre of the village. Home to Dorothy L Sayers, the crime writer, poet and playwright, a statue of Dorothy stands outside the library. Witham is a perfect place to visit family members who are keeping their independence with our residential care.

Cherry Wood Grange stands just over 20 minutes south west of Witham and is easily accessed by following the A12 from the B1389. From there follow the A138 into Chelmsford to the A1114. From there you can access the Westway and thus Writtle Rd.


Maldon is a beautiful maritime town that overlooks the River Blackwater and relishes its nautical history. This bustling town features historic inns and medieval buildings as well as maintaining a natural haven for birds and other wildlife that thrive on the saltmarshes surrounding the town. Various museums track the town’s passage through time, from the prehistoric occupants to its fierce Anglo-Saxon settlers and everything since.

Maldon is less than half an hour from Cherry Wood Grange, the quickest route is to leave Maldon to the A14 and follow to Sandon before getting on to the Essex Yeomanry Way (A1114) to take you to Westway in Chelmsford and on to Writtle Rd.

Great Baddow

Great Baddow is one of the largest villages in the country and has had an illustrious history as the manor has hosted some of Britain’s most famous figures including the Earls of Mercia and Catherine of Aragon. Since then it has grown in popularity, being noted as ‘one of the handsomest villages in Essex’ in 1848. Though some of the more historical features have been lost, it still has many interesting geological features and is a thriving village.

To access Cherry Wood Grange from Great Baddow takes little over ten minutes. Initially leave Great Baddow on the Essex Yeomanry Way heading west before joining the A1114 Westway to head into Chelmsford and from there on to Writtle Rd.


Though this quiet village has its own fair history, the main interest is that it lies within seventy acres of National Trust Woodland and is thought of as the woodland haven in the heart of Essex. If you are looking for a natural respite, then a quiet stroll in Danbury’s beautiful surrounding area is the perfect cure and a wonderful place to enjoy while visiting those who are receiving our highly sought after nursing care.

Danbury is little more than a quarter of an hour drive from Cherry Wood Grange and the quickest route is to follow the A414 to Sandon before joining the Essex Yeomanry Way to join Westway and thus on to Writtle Rd.


Writtle is a picturesque village that epitomises the ideal of English country life. Historic timbered houses set around a green and duck pond form the centre of the village. Writtle is surrounded by ancient woodland that once made up part of the Royal Hunting Lodge and the village has been described as ‘one of the loveliest villages in England, with a ravishing variety of ancient cottages’.

Cherry Wood Grange is a couple of minutes’ drive from the heart of this picturesque village. From St Johns Green you turn on to Bridge street before continuing to Chelmsford road and thus to Writtle Rd.